Friday, November 21, 2008


it's not hard to realize that how a single thought can easily affect a person's feeling.
especially negative thoughts.

i was there when everything happen.
a question, a mere question, that was supposing should be helping.
however, just because of a thought, a difference in interpreting its meaning.
it causes someone to suffer, sad, disappointed, regret, even giving up.
i tried to help, but yet, she rejected my help.

i don't think that it should be given such an importance on what is going on.
you have made a decision, you shouldn't look back and regret on the decision you made.
looking back and regret will only makes you feel bad about it.
what people should do, after making a decision, is to carry on what that's been decided,
or, if what is decided is wrong, fix it. not feel bad about it.

easy said than done, right?
not really, as long as you want to do that, for real.

also, people tends to expect something in return, when they sacrifice something.
no one will sacrifice themselves for you, if they know that they would not get anything out of it.
i too, expect something in return everytime i sacrifice myself, and i'm not sure if people really understand what i really need in return.
but most of the time, i just forgets about it and carry on with my life.
because i don't regret what i've decided, not as often as other people, but sometime i do regret....
what i have done so far, have shaped me into who i am now, and i think that how i was shaped wasn't so bad after all.

for those who i have disappointed, i'm sorry.
for those who treasures my existance, Thank you.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


ok, let me confess something, i'm getting weirder and weirder by each passing days~
why do i say that?
here's why:

1) for the past few month, i've hanging around with Malays much more often than i used to be.
2) i started to listen to Malay songs, and i enjoy them.

maybe you think that this is just normal, well, maybe, i don't know.
haha~ just feeling weird about it, since i'm a Chinese, and i used to hang out with Chinese before this~
well, guess i've changed~

oh, By The Way, i think that these song Rocks~

Yang Pernah

Itu Kamu

Friday, November 14, 2008

This is Me.

Greetings, is me.
Wonder why i started a new blog?
Don't ask, because i don't know.

Just thought of, Sharing my Thoughts....
Yeah, Thoughts, my Insight Thoughts.
That's why it is called The Insight Thought of Kazaf.

Should you have any Doubt, with whether my Post is talking about you,
Free feel to MSN, or even YM me, you HAVE my contact, USE it...

Haha, or, if you are a Stranger, and was just Browsing here through a friend's blog which is linked to another Blog, which then links to this Blog [you'll get the trick, means that you just simply don't know me].
i'm happy to know that you are here, spending your time reading this.
the content in this blog might not concern,
but you're also free to comment on any of if, regardless of good or bad comments.

as for now, nothing much to say,
just, Glad that you're here, reading this, and start thinking: [hey, does this Blog worth checking everyday?]
one day, you will know the answer.

That's all, for the time being.