Monday, June 21, 2010

Matured? Or not?

I dont know how true this is to me, but ever since secondary school, i've been hearing people saying that i have a more matured mind than people of my own age. quite often that i find myself thinking that a certain a person made, i'd consider it as stupid or nonsense, while other thinks it cute and funny. but for now, it seems that i've experiencing the total opposite, been acting totally irrational lately, don't ask me why. just hope hope i could get through this stage as soon as possible.

and yes, recently i found out that i'm an easy prey. all you need is a cute/pretty/sexy look, and lil sweet talking, and i will fall for it without a doubt. be it a real great deal, or a real great scam, i will fall for it in either way. i sure do hope that what she promised, or said is for real, because that is i've planned for and had in mind just before i met her.

Updates... well, not much, still trying to break the barrier which have been keeping as who i am for the past 5 years. good luck to myself. love life wise, still single. Work wise, i don't know. haven't improved much, but i'm officially a First Aider now.

nothing much to tell. well, unless you are really interested and i feel that it's ok to tell you, i guess i'll just stop here.