Friday, August 27, 2010

~New Toy~

sorry for not been updating my blog for the past 2 months, things are just so busy that i forgot about updating blog during my off days. stuffs are getting all cramped up lately, and it's expected to get busier in Sept and Oct, 2 trainings, a few meetings, and project are scheduled for the next few months to come, X.x

just had my 24th Birthday last week, and spent it in Tioman with my Colleague. we're on a diving trip and it's so nice to be finally be able to visit Tioman. Had some great dives and made a few friends. and trust me, Tioman is FULL with Nudibranches omg.

these are the pictures that i took using my Blackberry Storm2~ Sunset in Tioman is so nice~

not sure when will i be visiting Tioman again, most probably next year though.

Oh, and i got myself a new toy to play with, for my 24th birthday.
it's not some new hi tech stuffs selling hot in the market now, other people might been having it for like years i guess? but well, it's what i was looking for and was so graceful that its such a co-incident that she has one up for sale, Thanks Qing Yun~

for those of you that didnt know, its an Apple iPod Touch 8GB.

still so shiny and lovely <3

1 item off my shopping list, 4 mores to go, gosh, i really need to save up.