Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I post this up, so that no one get confuse about the situation of the accident which happens last Thursday.

as you all know, Siao Jean, a BioMarine graduate who's doing master, was involved in an accident last Thursday night.
Together with her in the car was her sister, Siao Hui, and Mr Yong.
The accident occurred near Lojing, on the way back to Ipoh from Kuala Terengganu.
The time was about 7pm in the evening, and it was raining.
Siao Jean was driving the car down the hill near Lojing, her sister at the front passenger seat, while Mr Yong sits at the back.
According to Mr Yong, the weather is bad, raining and very foggy.
no one know exactly what happen, but somehow, Siao Jean's car went into the opposite direction, and collide with a bus.

as a result, Siao Jean was severely injured, with blood clotting in brain, injured her eyes, punctured her lung, broke 3 of her ribcage bone and was in coma.
Mr Yong suffered fractured bones on both his left and right arm.
Siao Hui had a better luck, with no serious injuries.

Siao Jean was warded in ICU in Ipoh General Hospital, while Mr Yong was transferred to Fatimah Hospital.

for the current condition:
Siao Jean had regain her consciousness on Monday morning, and are able to communicate.
However, it seems that she is very panic. i have been notified that she won't meet anyone except her relatives.

on the other hand,
Mr Yong is recovering very well, he's able to walk around on his own and are expected to return home a few days later.

note: please contact me, or Siao Hui for the latest condition for Siao Jean.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fact about Love...

Love always makes me wonders....
and unpredictable girls make me wonders even more...
How do you know, if a girl likes you or not...?
they dont tell you directly that they likes you or what..
but then they do things that makes you thinks: [hhhmmm....]

guess working at a place with no close friends make me feel lonely, and i'm sure it makes most people feel the same too..
and this loneliness makes me feel that i need someone, someone to care about, someone who will care about me.

and, yea, this loneliness is still making thinks alot about Loves... x.x
hope i could figure it out soon....

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Working Life

Normally, i dont talk about my Uberly boring job,
well, gotta update you all once in a while on my job, right?

nothing much have changed in my job since the day i started working,
still boring routine everyday.
Routine A(Monday, Wednesday & Friday): Go Point A, Do my job, travel from A to B[stuck in jam once in a while], do my job again. travel from B to C again, do my job again....
Routine B(Tuesday, Thursday &Saturday): Travel All the way Up the mountains(2h drive), stay there until 4pm(either doing things or doing nothing....) then come back down....
so, yea, my job is boring x.x

oh yea, there are some extra stuffs to take care of too, like tanks for diving, annoying peoples.
one recent addition to my works cope is that i'm required to report myself in Aquaria after my routine maintenance....
my boss told me it's for me to learn stuffs,
at first i thought well, why not....? so i went...
but now i know, they are planning for a replacement.
to make sure that i'm able to take care of stuffs, If their most valuable worker are going to quit.

my colleague told me about the whole situation about the company, its past, present and future.
and yea, things are happening, and we can only be selfish and hope things will works towards our way.
things are sparking up between my colleague and our Financial Controller, due to Finance, of course..

not sure what will happens next, just hope it's not something explosive and left me with lots of things to take care of...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Be Bad....

It is so true, about the phrase the one you love the most,
hurts you the most, especially if you experience it yourself~

forgot how long it have taken, just to heal the wound,
no, it is not healed yet, as how i sees it.
this is what's that been holding me back..

lots of people say, girls go for bad guys, and good guys will never get any good girls.
seems that i must admit, it is kinda true.
no matter how good you are, they just had something to complain about,
and yea, they really tend to fell for bad guys.
so, does this means i gotta be a bad guy to be with someone...?
but i think most probably it won't happen... or i might turn bad and never be, who i used to be...

told myself before, and vowing that i would do anything, for the one i wanted to be with...
yet.... where's this promise that i've made gone to...?
seems that i forgot how i did it last time...
doing things, for someone, for no particular reason,
just because, i liked her...

there's no such person around me now, that'll make me make those moves again...
no, wait, there is, just that either they are not around, or i know i shouldn't be acting that way again.

used to think that i've fallen for someone, yet, thinking back and comparing, well, maybe not...
is it that my heart for her wasn't so strong...?
or was it that there are no chance for me to do, what i could have done, just for her...?
who knows.... even i don't know...?

is and was thinking about Loves too much lately, maybe because boredom brings out loneliness, and pushing me hard to find someone to spend time and money with...?
most probably..... and yea, still no solution or cure for it yet.....