Tuesday, July 28, 2009

28th July 2009

~28th July~
Today have been a great day to me, Random nice but weird things happen to me today..

1st: about 8:30am in Dunkin Donut at Karak Highway.

was buying Donut and paying with rm50 . This girl(cashier) take the cash and though i pay rm 10.
told her i gave her rm50, she apologized and chat a little bit. she say was Blur in the morning~ *-*

-Weird Part-: i rarely talk to girls who i dont even know who she is.... and i talked to her...

2nd: about 11am, at Elite Club, Genting.
was supposed to get a form signed. Went to the Reception (which i pass by a few times in a day whenever i work in Genting) and pass the Form. Manager wasnt in. : (
spent some time talking to the girl there and get to know abit....

-Weird Part- : (same as above)

3rd: about 3:30pm At Elite Club Genting
Payment for July was Banked in, Yay~~

4th: about 6pm At home
Called my mum in regard of some confusion in my bank account.
got to know that i'll be bring my Innova to KL, Yay Yay~~~

wonder what will happen next~~~

Off Topic, Songs are great ways to express how you feel, if you really listen closely to it~
like this following song:

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hope it'll help....

This is just an Empty Post,
only to dedicate a Song,
to a Friend that have had some personal Problem lately....

plz Enjoy....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Needed to be Loved?

This actually had been bothering me for some time....
The Feeling of needed to be loved, yea, you heard me right...
dont know whether is lasting Boredom in the nights that haunts me,
or the Devil inside my mind affecting me....
i have this strong urge to date someone.....

A recent Chit-chat makes it even worst, makes me think about myself,
Whether i am good enough to start a relationship...
Whether i'm ready to start a new one or still cling on to the last one...
Whether i deserved to start a new one, whether i deserved to love again....

Many thoughts are on my mind, and it's getting worst every night...
will i be able to step out of it....?

A particular 'someone' has been on my mind quite often recently...
i wonder if i still know how to do it again...
whether i'm still able to capture people's Heart.....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Recent Updates

hi to all who is reading this crap, haha,
it's been a while since i last update the blog.
hence, here's it.

Life have changed much since i left University life.
currently i'm working, in a place where i least expected to work at.
yea, i'm working in KL now.
and yea, life is getting tougher and tougher.
the company is good enough to provide me with Transport and accommodation, in turn for my low salary.
but still, it is enough for me to survive out here in KL.

however, the problem that's been bothering me since last week was, what i can i do, when i'm free...?
life is really boring for me now, most of the time during working, i'm driving, from one place to another.
i've get used to get up 6 something in the morning and start going for work, and finish my work at most 4pm.
the time in between? 85% is driving, 15% working.
after i went home, i'm totally free....

last week, i went and get P1 WiMAX service, and now, i can get online, but still, i'm bored....
so, anyone have any suggestion for me?