Saturday, November 27, 2010

November Madness

Time for some updates in my life~

Life have been really busy for me for the month of November, as usual, work took out most of my daytime, but still loving my job as always, because of the randomness of chances of me doing things that I've never did before, and i doubt that any other guys will be to have a chance of experiencing them.

lots of catching and transferring stuff going on this month, so I'll just put it in a list for easy reading.

1) Transferring Crocodile
Helped out the Crocodile transferred an injured crocodile to another holding area. Sounds dangerous, but ain't just so since everything was well planned. Took about 10 guys to carry the fella around, and he's not a big one ~.~

2) Catching Chao-Praya Stingrays
Helped out the vets catches the big guys in my quarantine because they need to collect blood samples. sounds like a dangerous task also, but yet again, everything turned out to be just fine, although these guys are hard to manage because of their big size ~.~ what happened when they grow larger.....?

3) Catching Horse-shoe Crabs
Yet another request from other sections, went to the beach to catch some Horse-shoe Crabs for their display. Quite a relaxing trip and task, took like 15mins ride to the location, then spent like one hour or so walking around mangrove area, looking for Horse-shoe crabs. what surprise me was, even though the area looks quite polluted, but still there's a large number of Horse-shoe crabs there.

noticed that things are beginning to change quite a fair bit now. was assigned to be in charge for the lab now, wonder if it's a good thing or otherwise...
It's good to see that people are getting more and more interested at us, especially the vets. we'll shall see how things goes from here. :)

11th Dec is a special date! Muahahahaha!!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Randomness in Life

People always says that life is full of unpredictable occurrence, which is just so true, these unpredictable occurrence may or may not change a person's life.
and sometimes i found myself thinking, if such occurrence happens, should i stay as who i am now and let the flow of life brings me to wherever it may bring me to?
or change myself to cope with what that had changed?

It has been a a few months since i join WRS(Wildlife Reserves Singapore), and it has been a while that my colleagues has been looking out for potential girls for me to date with. yeah, sometime i just go =.= when they found another person with "potential".... yes i WOULD be happier if i found a date, but without it, I'm fine too, thank you.

Talking about dating, i wonder how many people actually thought of dating someone from another country? i would really want to know how serious do you guys think, that the difference in Nationality will affect a person decision, and a couple's relations? take me as an example, I've been raised in a family, whereby my parents used to think that people from Mainland China are good in cheating, con you by making you think that they fell in love with you, marries you and then run away with all your money. well, i know that there are quite a few this kind of cases, and i don't blame them for thinking so. but what if i'm dating a girl from Mainland China? will they still thinks the same about China people? or will they change their view on them?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Universal Studio Singapore

Hi! gosh its been so long since i last update my blog. ~.~ sorry guys, been really really busy lately with my work.loads of stuffs to do, loads of courses to attend, i guess all of us are pretty much the same, all busy with our own stuffs.

Anyway, finally had a chance to visit Universal Studio Singapore(USS) yesterday, man it was FUN!
went there around 10am in the morning, leaving at about 11pm, almost 13hours of walking and gone for different kinds of shows, tours. i gotta say, you GOT to experience the 4D cinema there!

Expenses wise, since i got myself a one day tour ticket, so it cost me S$50, food wise, as long as you know where there cheap foods are, then you're fine.

If you are in Singapore, i strongly suggest you to visit USS, even-though there are a few attraction that's not open yet.

Finally, Picture time~~~
didn't took much picture, coz i'm just using my BlackBerry to take the pictures.
MIGHT upload more once i get them from my friends. ^.^