Sunday, October 10, 2010

Universal Studio Singapore

Hi! gosh its been so long since i last update my blog. ~.~ sorry guys, been really really busy lately with my work.loads of stuffs to do, loads of courses to attend, i guess all of us are pretty much the same, all busy with our own stuffs.

Anyway, finally had a chance to visit Universal Studio Singapore(USS) yesterday, man it was FUN!
went there around 10am in the morning, leaving at about 11pm, almost 13hours of walking and gone for different kinds of shows, tours. i gotta say, you GOT to experience the 4D cinema there!

Expenses wise, since i got myself a one day tour ticket, so it cost me S$50, food wise, as long as you know where there cheap foods are, then you're fine.

If you are in Singapore, i strongly suggest you to visit USS, even-though there are a few attraction that's not open yet.

Finally, Picture time~~~
didn't took much picture, coz i'm just using my BlackBerry to take the pictures.
MIGHT upload more once i get them from my friends. ^.^

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