Monday, May 17, 2010

Flow of Life.

Ok, i'll be very honest about this, If you don't think you can handle it, or don't like what you are reading, close the freaking tab or window...

I'm sick of people complaining about their life, their work etc etc etc...
"...Oh my god, it's so hard to get a decent job here...", "...why is it that i always cant get what i wished for...", "...damn it, so much work, and so little time to get it done..."

enough is enough, do you seriously think that life would be better when everything goes like how you wishes for? Do you seriously think that god will make it so simple, that everyone gets what they wished for?

"... Oh my god, it's so hard to get a decent job here.." First of all, do you really think that you deserve a decent job more than anyone? hell, there are like 1k+ graduate of the same field as you each year. what makes you think that you are any better than them? If you ARE indeed better than them, prove it, and the employer wouldn't turn their back on you.

Look in the mirror, think deeply, are you ready for the working world? do you have to motivation to continue your study? don't blame other people when you yourself is not sure which path you should be heading...
i pity the person who always have to hear all you whining and bullshits... they are there for you, because they cared about you.. but does that means that you could always let your frustration goes wild when talking to them?
they too, have their own problem, and i've never seen her complains as much as you.

nevertheless, this is only how i felt, if you think that i'm wrong, just forget that you've read this blog, and move on with your own life.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Updates on Life

It's been a while since i last updated my blog, so, here it is, the latest updates on me and my working life in Singapore Zoo(only for those who concern about it).

Works have been pretty much speed-up for the past 3 weeks, and the first shipment for River Safari has arrived last Saturday. Giant Mekong Catfish, measure about 1.2m-1.5m each, with estimated weight of about 20-40kgs. Yes, last Saturday which is Labour Day.
Seeing the arrival of the first exhibit has pretty much told me about what's coming after it. Lots of work. Most are basic but yet important works. Like i said before, we are the pioneer, so it's like we are opening up a trail in a thick Tropical Rain-forest. this means that everything we decides on, will become the standard Protocol in the future. and it only means another thing, that i MUST not screw up in what ever i was given responsibility on.

it has been clearly shown to me that, my supervisor is testing my strength, whether that i am capable to taking up more responsibility and shine brighter than the others. Will i be capable of doing it, and shine? that i cant tell.

Ok, back to the Zoo. A lil bit of the part i liked the most in Singapore Zoo. Here, there are constantly new members to the family. New members, in this aspect, are New borns. i've been here for a lil bit more than 2 months, and among the new born baby animals i've seen so far includes: Baby Ring-tailed Lemur, Baby Malayan Tapir, Baby Zebra, Baby Rabbits(no big deal), Baby OrangUtans,Baby FreshWater Stingrays, Baby Sun Bear, and so on. i dont think you can find and have a chance to see this much of new borns in 2 months time.

well. i think this enough for this update. oh, btw, if anyone are in Singapore and would like to meet up with me, feel free to contact me at +6598279959, or +60125800864. do take note that my old number, +60125308765 is no longer in use.