Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Totally Pathetic

Warning: This is a Flaming Post, and was Ment to Destroy Someone's Reputation. Kindly Proceed to Close This Window if you think i'm Talking About You

To be honest, i've never seen such a pathetic guy in my life. yea, it's a [HE], well, at least his physical appearance is..... is it?? i'm not really sure now, kakaka!!! it's so saddening to have these kind of people hanging around you, i mean, hey, even girls are better than him!!
p/s: from this part onward, i'll refer [HE] as [YOU], but it's not the [YOU] that is reading this Blog.

To start off first, he's a guy that cries easily, and i mean very easily, i'm not gonna comment on the, coz some guys, as they claims, easily get affected by the surrounding atmosphere. so yea, it's not wrong to cry at the right time, like watching movies. but hell, you dont cry when you're talking to a guy if you are a guy yourself!! what's wrong with you? do you think you'll get my sympathy by crying in front of me? hell no, i'm the last person you want to cry in front of!! so stay the hell away from me!!

Secondly, stop thinking that every girl that are close to you have a Crush on you!! who are you? Tom Cruise? do you think you deserve the love of all girls? let me tell you, you don't deserve any!! you're not cute, and you're not handsome, so i dont think any girl will like you because of you're appearance. you're not rich either, so, no girls will like you because of your money.
The way you treat girls? yea, this is what makes girls hangs around you, before they found out your true intention behind every move you take. any other attraction you possesses? sad to say, i can't think of any.

To make it even worst, i found out that you can't do what a guy can do. no, not something to do with your sexlife, i don't even want to know about it. it's those thing that a guy can do and a girl cant do. AND you cant do it either. so does that mean you're a girl? start thinking about it...

You, as a guy, owns a car, and drove it to class, Everyday.
and Yet,
You as a guy, don't know how to Maintain it, don't know how to take care of it, and don't even know how to change the tires? no, you're not someone who OWNS a car, you're someone who drive a car, as in, just drive, nothing else that you know about the car. isn't that like most of the girls, who only know how to drive but not knowing how to maintain and service?
no offense, girls, just giving an example, correct me if i'm wrong.

But, your existance is something that is useful, at the very least. you see, the existance of the weak and the weird, makes the strong one looks stronger. So, yea, at least you've proven to be useful in some ways.

It's raining outside, maybe the God is crying because i've spoken his heart.
or, maybe it's just me.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Counting Down

Update Notice: This is a long boring post ^_^

Here Goes......

FIRST: Update on FYP
Officially, i have another one month to finish up my Project and pass up my Final Draft.
two more labs to go, and hope i'll get what i want from it.
honestly saying, i'm suiciding, i don't think that there's anyone as Crazy as me.
Well, there might be, but i don't think they are undergraduates.
i think i'm using the least time in doing my FYP. well, while everyone are rushing for their project during Dec Break, i used the three whole week for.... guess what, playing online game~ XD
well, still playing it now~

Basically, i sleep less than 6 hour everyday now, sometimes sleeps at 1am, wake up at 3am(gaming). Crazy, right, so, if you are up late, message me if you are bored, coz most probably i'm awake~ muahaha

Back to story:
ok, well, after i pass up my thesis and graduate, i really don't know what to do.....
i would like to continue Masters in UMT, but i'm not convinced if any lecturer would like to be my Supervisor.
well, not that my reputation is bad or anything, i'm just scared i can't achieve what they expect of me.
i've yet talk to my supervisor about my will of staying here, well, will see how when i finish up my project.

NEXT: Life in UMT

As expected, all my coursemates, everyone is so into what they've been doing, and most of the time, they left out something that's once close....
peoples, even me, are walking around alone nowaday, and we didn't hang out as much as we used to...
well, can't be blame since FYP is such an important thing for everyone.
but what i've found out is that, once in a while, people do remember you, when you least expect them to.
a few short chatting awhile back makes me quite happy about it, not that it makes me laugh or anything. it's just that they're telling me, they remember me, as a friend, as it always does.
i think i should give out more for them, but i don't know how, any ideas?

anyway, thanks to Da Jie, Feli, Yih Wen, May Lynn, Michelle, my 3rd year Coursemate[only those who should be thanked], Second year Juniors [For trying to organise a Reunion dinner, but sadly failed], and everyone.

lastly, to Da Jie and Feli, stop spooking into my secret place.... if not, i'll Spam you on MSN, muahaha.... Just kidding, Leave your footprint here as you wish~