Saturday, July 3, 2010

~First Auction In my life~

Yesterday i went for the first Auction session in my life, sit there for like 4 hours and got myself 5 items. i'll post the picture below and explain what are the items actually.

1st item:

obviously, a teapot set, got it for S$32, nice decor, will go to either my sis or bro's new house.

2nd item:

this is a Fluorite crystal, said to be a crystal capable of promoting health, hence its also called a Healing Crystal.

3rd item:

this one is an Amethyst bracelet. looks really nice because it is quite deep purple in color, almost looks like black in color. said to be able to assist in treating Insomnia, and be able to help you save up money(Main purpose i buy). xDD

4th item:

This is actually a piece of Glaze crafted into a shape of one of the many Mythical Creature in Chinese Mythology called 貔貅 (Pi Xiu). it has 4 colors, starting with Red on the head, yellow, Blue, and Purple( which you cant see coz its all the way at the back.) This items are said to be able to bring Prosperity and Wealth(based on the shape it's crafted into.

5th Item:

last but not least, another piece of Glaze, crafted into the shape of a Lotus flower. Blue and Purple in color, which makes it looks really really nice. :)