Friday, October 15, 2010

Randomness in Life

People always says that life is full of unpredictable occurrence, which is just so true, these unpredictable occurrence may or may not change a person's life.
and sometimes i found myself thinking, if such occurrence happens, should i stay as who i am now and let the flow of life brings me to wherever it may bring me to?
or change myself to cope with what that had changed?

It has been a a few months since i join WRS(Wildlife Reserves Singapore), and it has been a while that my colleagues has been looking out for potential girls for me to date with. yeah, sometime i just go =.= when they found another person with "potential".... yes i WOULD be happier if i found a date, but without it, I'm fine too, thank you.

Talking about dating, i wonder how many people actually thought of dating someone from another country? i would really want to know how serious do you guys think, that the difference in Nationality will affect a person decision, and a couple's relations? take me as an example, I've been raised in a family, whereby my parents used to think that people from Mainland China are good in cheating, con you by making you think that they fell in love with you, marries you and then run away with all your money. well, i know that there are quite a few this kind of cases, and i don't blame them for thinking so. but what if i'm dating a girl from Mainland China? will they still thinks the same about China people? or will they change their view on them?


  1. My dear kazat brother, dating is good. Great to heard that u are dating now. Good luck oo~~

    You are right. Differences in nationality do affect a couple relations. I cant agree more. Seriously, 远水救不了近火... I can understand. This is one of my problems last time, haha..

    Dont know whether your parents will change their view, probably wont to the Mainland China. But to her, perhaps? I will say that "Date first, think later"--> My philosophy of life..hehe.

  2. wei~ i say IF only, i'm still single now loh